Nocturnal Ramblings of a Mind Unplugged – 2


I thought, fuckit! I’m gonna have a glass of wine. Wine used to make me sleepy, but it doesn’t any more. White wine used to make me horny.  I mean, yes, I’m sleepy, but not because of the wine.  I’m not drinking wine because I want to lose weight.  I was looking quite porky over Xmas, which wasn’t nice.  I feel a lot better for not drinking.  But tonight, well actually for the last four nights, I’ve had wine.  Well I’ve had guests, and naturally I offered them wine with their dinner and then I joined them.  But I’ve been off the wine, myself.Champers

I’ve had such a lovely few days, so many guests, friends, so much entertaining, dinner after dinner.  I’ve really enjoyed myself.  I think I might be back into entertaining mode.  What happened to that? Maybe I did too much of it and got bored, but how do you get bored with having your friends over?  I love having friends over.  I must stop being so lazy.  Especially since I’m awake anyway. – Shall I have just one more little glass of vino? WTF – why not? Ooh but I must consider the calories.

Those workmen were very subdued today, especially that bolshie one.  Little twerp.  I am so sick of strangers.  First the pool people, now the skylight people, who next?  I can’t relax with people all around.  I can’t work.  I just want to go away, but you don’t want go away and leave strangers on your roof.  How is that bolshie little twerp spinning me a tale about how he can’t do anything unless he trudges through my house.  He’s worse than a bolshie little twerp.  He’s a bolshie little oik.  Is an oik worse than a twerp? He can’t bully me. This is my house.  Bolshie little oiky twerp faced git!

68379_448464051871483_195519745_nFashion Week, I haven’t invited anyone to join me for Malcolm’s show, tomorrow.  Who will come? I’ll call around in the a.m.  Who still does fashion shows?  – it seems I do.   I don’t know what to wear, it’s so hot.  Black pants? – very fashion forward of me.  Damn, I don’t want tobe the show.  Yes, black pants, or a little frock.  Something understated, but chic.  Do I have that?  Yes, I do.  That one from Dries Van N.  That will do nicely, or those black Donna Karan pants and the top with the black bling, very chic if I can get into those pants.  They were much too snug last time I put them on.,…..And Friday, Thula’s show.  I must wear Thula, naturally. Easy, LBD as only Thula can. Shoes by Dries, or Dolce.  Perfect.  Two events, looking chic. Fashion Week done!

I wonder how the edit went.  I hope we get it.  It will be so good to be acting again. I’m such a liar, I always say I’m going to give up acting, but I don’t.  I can’t. I love it, and that shoot was so much fun. I was exhausted in that way that I love to be exhausted after a day on set.    Cute crew – damn! DP was sizzling hot.

Why did that stupid woman say that St Valentine’s Day is a tool of the devil?  Where do these Christians come up with this bullshit?  They just make stuff up as they go along – I can’t stand it.  Like all that fuss about writing ‘xmas’.  Crossing out Christ? How the hell do you cross out Christ? He’s Christ, for heaven’s sake.  I am so impatient with it all.  Shame I was a bit hard on her, but it pisses me off.  It’s an insult to God.  How do you imagesrepresent God with a bunch of idiotic bullshit about a devil that uses Valentines Day as a tool to spread promiscuity?  It is just plain stupid.  Promiscuity is all over the internet and it doesn’t need a special day.  Sometimes I just want to tell people on fb to f-off, I get so impatient.  But then what’s the point in having fb friends if I’m going to be telling them to f-off?  But the Christian ones, Jesus, the way they impose themselves, and their fundamentalist religious stuff, it’s offensive.  No other religion does that.  I think it’s suspicious.  George Bush came in on the Christian ticket, and he turned out to be the frigging antichrist.  Zuma also tried that religious shit.  Maybe he’s been possessed by the devil.

I am so hot!  I think I need new glasses.  I’ll have to get my eyes tested.  I need new lenses.  I like my glasses. I’d like it better if I didn’t need glasses. I’d better get my hair done.  Such a mission.  Maybe I should go back to the weave.  But I like my braids.  I don’t want to go back to Kayser.  He’s a torturer.  It’s like he did everything he could do to ensure that I wouldn’t come back. I won’t.  I need a hairdresser. Damn!


About Tselane Tambo

I share myself in these desultory ramblings. It’s my thoughts and memories; some anecdotes and opinions. It’s an accidental autobiography. When you’ve meandered through these pages you’ll be within reach of a little piece of me. Thank you for dropping by.
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2 Responses to Nocturnal Ramblings of a Mind Unplugged – 2

  1. Mfenekazi says:

    haha, Ive never laughed so hard.Thanks for this, i ll be checking your ramblings regularly. Very interesting, let the ramblings continue.

  2. Gaoretelelwe says:

    This mined is too busy, working overtime, eAt deserves a HOLY day in the moon!

    Reading this honey like passage eYe am over the moon!

    If eAt was eYe scream eYe would invent the biggest spoon!

    shit! eYe am starting to sound like a useless cartoon!

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