Nocturnal Ramblings of a Mind Unplugged – 4 i think.

Am I awake? – Kind of.  Maybe it’s time I brought back the tv.  I should choose only a few channels this time because there’s too much that is too stupid on some of those channels, and too much that is uninteresting to me on too many others. I can do without the Chinese channel and the Russian and all those odd foreign language channels.  Why are they there, anyway? Silly question.  But they’re in Chinese and Russian. These are not part of the 11 official languages. Who speaks Russian and Chinese in SA? Are there enough people to warrant a channel? I guess there must be.

televisionWhat to choose?  I’d say leave E Entertainment alone, but then, let me not pretend.  To see into the bizarre lives of people like Denise Richards, who is fascinating because her life is so mundane, and Holly.  Holly is so ‘blond’ and very difficult to listen to, and to watch.  She sounds how I imagine Barbie would sound when she’s being strangled.  That voice is painfully nasal and blonde.  I watched that episode when her friends gave a party for her then they started crying because they were each competing about who had done the most for Holly, because they love her and they each want to be her ‘bestest fwend’! Sweet? Give me a colossal break! It’s puerile beyond belief, I know, but it’s entertaining. It is!

See, the minute I think of tv where does my little mind go?  It’s worrying, Tselane.  I need to worry about you. Here I am thinking of getting the tv back on and what comes to mind? – Holly’s World and Kendra and The Kardashians – Other people’s bizarre lives and behaviour.  And it’s a kind of morbid curiosity that makes me watch them.  Why not, actually? Go ahead watch the weird people.  I do miss the News, though and series channel.  Nothing else, really!  Maybe I should do a self-ambush and only get the highbrow channels.   I need the news channels back, definitely.  – Oh don’t be such a wuss, get the whole bouquet.  Whatever! But, not yet. I don’t want tv yet.  I’ll get it in March or April.  When you think about it, I have been watching tv since I was born.  That’s a lot of tv.  I’ve been watching tv for longer than I’ve been able to talk or read. I”ve been watching tv since ‘Jackanory’ and ‘The Magic Round About’ and ‘Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men’. I even remember Little Weed. Maybe I’ll wait for winter.  It’s good to have tv in winter.

Ouch, was that a serious hunger pang?  Clearly I am not metabolizing.  It’s late, though! Maybe I’ll just have some fruit, although, that Olive Ciabatta would be nice with some tea.  Olive ciabatta toast and tea!  Camomile tea?  That stuff is such a myth.  I mean, drink it and sleep?  That maybe works on people with pure bodies.  Mine is so full of toxins and chemicals, I need chemicals to make me sleep. Prescription drugs.  The hard stuff.  I sleeping pillsshould go to Dr Kaplan and demand drugs. As if Dr Kaplan would give in to demands, suddenly.  He’s a fortress.  How did I end up with the only Dr in the world who doesn’t jump at the chance to dispense copious amounts of any drug you vaguely read an article about?  I keep telling myself that I should find another Dr, but I don’t want one, really.  I like Dr Kaplan, even if he won’t dispense copious drugs.   I trust him, at least.  He still does that thing where he bangs my knee to see my reflexes.  That is so peculiar.  It’s so early last century.  But then last century was his century.  He lived most of it, more of it than most of us. I came in towards the tale end – ok, the middle – late middle.  He was here from near the beginning.

I’ve just been reading an article about this road toll tax system that is coming our way.  I’m not satisfied.  It smells.  It smells especially that they suggest we should give our credit card and bank details so that they automatically deduct.  In this lifetime would I ever do something so unbelievably dumb?  Before you know it you’ll have a situation like the guy who got an electricity bill for R500 000 for a month.  And once they’ve taken your money they won’t give it back even if they know they’re wrong. It’s actually funny in a very out-freekin’-rageous, sort of way.   Besides, what do they mean we need to pay for the roads? We pay all kinds of taxes and levies already to pay for roads.  This stinks!  It has a stench of corruption and thievery and plunder and pillage.

e-tollI think they don’t dare tell us how much money they’re really going to make out of us.  It’ll far exceed the cost of the road, and then what? And what is to stop them from increasing the amounts whenever they choose? Trust them? Ha!  I am more than flabbergasted that one among them should suggest we use public transport if we don’t want to pay. Wasn’t it the minister who said that?  What public transport?  The Gautrain to Pretoria?  Really?  Where is the Gautrain to Pretoria?  We don’t have it, do we?  And even when we do, eventually have it, it only goes to Pretoria.  What do you do if you want to go somewhere else, you will pay and pay hard! Well, I think if South Africans are ready to bend over and take this one, we are ready to bend over and become another Zimbabwe.

My duvet cover is feeling a little not so soft. I wonder if we ran out of sta-sof.  The best I can say about those hand towels in the guest loo is that they exfoliate the skin.  They’re like sandpaper.  I’m not going to get much comfort sleeping in this, but to get up now and change the duvet cover………oy vey! But then, I’m not doing anything else.  I”m not asleep. First I’ll go make that tea and toast, it might fortify my skin against the onslaught of rough sheets. No it won’t.  Nothing will.  It is frightfully elitist of my skin to be aware of the scratchiness caused by the lack of sta-sof on a duvet cover.


About Tselane Tambo

I share myself in these desultory ramblings. It’s my thoughts and memories; some anecdotes and opinions. It’s an accidental autobiography. When you’ve meandered through these pages you’ll be within reach of a little piece of me. Thank you for dropping by.
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