More Ramblings in My Life!

Doesn’t life sometimes send some lovely surprises? I’ve had some great surprises in the last week.  There was bumping into Theo at fashion week.  What a delightful surprise.  IMG_2586We were at college together in Angers a thousand years ago, Theo and I.  She got chatting to the person she was sitting next to at one of the shows and asked, in a random kind of way, ‘you don’t happen to know someone called Tselane Tambo’.  He whipped out his cell phone and called me.  (in this village everyone knows everyone  – almost!) Delight!

It’s the end of the month, which heralds welcome and hard earned shekels, but this month brought with it an unexpected little bonus. Delight!

I thought that I would escape to Tulbach, so I called Letty only to discover that she had just arrived in Jozi and was here for only one night.  Another delightful surprise.  I insisted that she come to dinner. High delight!  I cooked.

Then came the not so delightful.  I met a woman at a party last weekend.  She told me she had a hair salon in Rosebank .  She said I must support her.  Well, my braids have been hidden under scarf configurations.  I couldn’t show the mess that my head had become to the world, so I’d been fashioning bandanas and the like to hide my head of shame, and keep it looking chic.  Headscarves are quite chic.  But the scarf thing gets tired, and quite frankly, it is too hot for headscarves.

Today, I thought, it’s time.  I remembered her so I went along to her salon instead of going to my ladies in Braamfontein.  I should have stuck to my ladies in Braamfontein.  This chick tried to charge me R1200.  Can you imagine such an amount for braids? R1200.  Naturally, I refused and she told me that the price was because she has to cover her rent.  Hawu!  What has her rent to do with me?  Anyway, I ended by paying R1000.  I feel robbed.  Braids are R450 at my ladies in Braamfontein, and they do just as good a job.  The braids are good.  I have no problem with the briads, just with the price.  Well, she will not be seeing my face again.  She would have done better to charge me a reasonable price than to fleece me on my first visit.  I certainly won’t be going back.   But, hey, I guess people are desperate.

And then there are the pool people.  They came again this morning. I’m so sick of them IMG_5740and their ineptitude.  Anyway, they came.  The pool guy tells me there is nothing he can do to make my pool sparkle, I need a new filter.  Is he joking?  Did he smack his head getting out of his car?  My filter is fine.  My filter was never the issue. Now they’re trying to use me to supplement their income. Am I also paying their rent?  The filter has never been an issue.  I didn’t lose my temper, this time.  I just told him that if there’s nothing he can do, there’s nothing to discuss and he can leave.

This afternoon I get a call from the big baas at pool and pond, who tells me that yes, my filter is fine, and they could have made my pool sparkle and clear if I hadn’t chased them away like dogs.  “Like dogs”?  Well, what would you have said?  I saw no reason to argue with him, so I hung up.  Chased them away like dogs?  I thought I had a talent for dramatising a situation, but this takes the cake.

Anyway, I’ve been busy most of the morning, and I have spent several hours getting ripped off for R1000 for having my head pulled in four different directions and I’ve paid the pool company a small fortune too for a cloudy pool and I have no time for lies and dramatising and it is late, and I still have emails to respond to and a deadline to meet and a client’s agent in a state of panic who needs careful words of appeasement and I’m tired, so…………. Forget the pool people and their uselessness.  There are other pool people in this nation of swimming pools.  Forget the woman who did these braids and charged me double because I wouldn’t pay triple and forget all these who are taking my money.  I must concentrate on those  from whom I make money.  I must now craft careful words of appeasement into an email.

Life is so much theatre, isn’t it?  One could write several plays about the little incidents where one gets so emotional, and irate and irritated, but, which, in the end are no more than amusing little dramas.  I think I still have space for delight!

Tomorrow night I’m having a braai.  I shall have a garden full of friends. High and Heavenly Delight!


About Tselane Tambo

I share myself in these desultory ramblings. It’s my thoughts and memories; some anecdotes and opinions. It’s an accidental autobiography. When you’ve meandered through these pages you’ll be within reach of a little piece of me. Thank you for dropping by.
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One Response to More Ramblings in My Life!

  1. khaya says:

    awesome sis T, life is full of drama and perhaps even those curve balls make it even more interesting. if it was not for drama i’m sure we would all be like buddist monks. ta

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