Libya Rambling!

Flag_of_Libya_1951_svgEveryone’s an expert of Libya.  It’s as though everyone except me has a crystal ball and can see exactly what’s going to happen and who’s going to do what.  I don’t mean the news agencies. Their crystal balls are enshrined.  I mean just ordinary, non- journalistic people, like me.  I have listened to quite heated arguments on the subject and I have nothing to say, because I don’ t know what’s going to happen in Libya.  I read the same papers as everyone else, so I know what happened, and I know what’s happening, but I don’t know what’s going to happen.  How do they know?

I was told, for example, and quite insistently too, that the UNSC won’t impose a no fly zone for whatever various reasons this person explained.  I can’t explain what they are and since this isn’t a high school essay, and since it is this ungodly hour, and since no one will probably read this anyway,  I don’t have to.  It doesn’t matter.  But look what happened.  Someone’s crystal ball had a crack in it.  I say, ‘everyone’ is predicting what Gaddafi will do and what America will do.  Ok, so who’s everyone? The people I have been talking to, or listening to are everyone.  All four of them are everyone.

The most distressing is reading the tweets.  Naturally, I am following every Libyan who crosses my path on Twitter.  The people who I follow on twitter were saying that they need every prayer from every person of every religion tonight because Gaddafi had promised he was going to unleash a hellfire of bombing on them.  Others have a ‘bring it on’ attitude.  As you can imagine they are all highly delighted about the nfz resolution.  They see it as Gaddafi’s death nell, so to speak. Although some predict it will bring worse bloodshed than Gaddafi alone could have hoped to inflict.  Do the Arab League of Nations really want this? Really?

Those countries making presentation at the UNSC spoke a lot about respecting the sovereignty of Libya.  Actually, it was the sensible-ish countries like India and Brazil and even Germany who spoke of respecting national sovereignty and caution and the danger of things escalating into an unwelcome conflict.  USA and Britain.  My goodness, after making all the nice noises, in the end they were Gung ho with  – ‘force’ to ‘protect the people.  They speak of ‘protecting the people’? But that doesn’t ring true even to my naive ears.  At what point in the history of time did the British and American nations start to give a damn about the Libyan people?  Oh, that’s right, on Feb. 17th 2011 when all this started.  Anyway, America has a history of doing exactly what it wants, and no one stops them.  Look at Iraq. Look at Afghanistan.

So Cameron & Co. is another little Blair situation meekly following in USA footsteps and libya– Obama?  Our beloved Barrack?  What?  – I am so disappointed.

Perhaps they were hoping old Uncle Muammar would tell them to naff off and ignore the UN resolution and that would give them an excuse.  I heard, on the tweet, that he had told them to naff off.  But I heard later on the tweet, that he had changed his mind and decided to respect the nfz.  Who knows?  What he says today he won’t necessarily do tomorrow. Well, in my naïve opinion if he’s smart, he won’t give them an excuse.  But then again, do they still need an excuse?

And South Africa voted for the imposition of the nfz? Really? Well then, in my humble and naive opinion,  someone should smack us.

I know there are complex issues here about oil and oil and etcetera.  Don’t tell me, I know ‘there are other forces at play here’.  I heard it – often – from those who have the crystal balls.

I’m just rambling because I don ‘t have a crystal ball and it’s this ungodly hour and I can’t sleep.


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I share myself in these desultory ramblings. It’s my thoughts and memories; some anecdotes and opinions. It’s an accidental autobiography. When you’ve meandered through these pages you’ll be within reach of a little piece of me. Thank you for dropping by.
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2 Responses to Libya Rambling!

  1. Karabo Lepote says:

    Tselane your ramblings are quite understood but the sterm from a very naive point. A point where respecting a nations sovereingty come at the price of many civilian losing their. The sovereignty comes at the unfortunate price of a mad man whose big guns are a reflection of his small penis. Shooting at random without course.

    I swear it’s about time we put people before any sovereign treaties signed, for on the face of it all, they mean bull if so many people have been oppressed and killed. South Africa could have been so much better had the international community not respected the sovereignty. We could have at least been on the same footing an path with most developing nations but we still have to deal with effects of apartheid in this age and era.

    Without diverting from the issues at hand, all I am saying is, it’s about ttime the international community stood up and showed every leader of Gaddaffi illness that they can not oppress even their people fo this long without any consequences.

    I have no crystal ball myself and would claim foresight like Moeletsi but one is going to transpire if we don’t do anything right now: Our silence and “quite diplomacy” will end up in more severe genocide than Ruanda… It is inevitable that that millions o Lybians are going to pay the price for our silence…

    ***Just thought I should comment on your blog***


  2. neil says:

    Love it darling. Proud of you to teeny eeny bits!

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