Politics? Me? Never!

anc flagI went to an ANC meeting yesterday.  It was for my local ward.  I don’t usually go to ANC meetings, but I thought that I’d get involved this time since my friend was running for councillor and I wanted to support her.   It turns out that a bunch of men in the ward had conspired to snoop the position away from her and replace her with some disinterested looking, wordless individual who didn’t even bother to stay to the end of the meeting.

It’s politico-typical – even at the level of ward councillor someone gets bulldozed in through under handed manoeuvres who is not really that interested, and probably ineffective but, who knows, the position could be lucrative.  I don’t know the man.  I didn’t even really meet him yesterday. I haven’t been attending the meetings.  I haven’t been involved in anything. I only know what my friend told me, but I’m not surprised.  It’s the game, isn’t it.  It’s politics.

I could be wrong about the wordless one.  I’m willing to be wrong.  I hope I am wrong, but from what she told me about the way she was pushed out I get the feeling that something nefarious is afoot.  Do I want to be part of that?  I really don’t. What ever happened to doing things in an up front, honest, confrontational way?  If you don’t want her to stand, tell her to her face or let the ward’s members vote.  But then, this is politics and politics is machiavellian!

We have never won this ward, anyway, and I can’t see us winning this time, quite frankly, especially since the refuse hasn’t been collected for four days.  It’s not a good look.

I’ve been worrying about the refuse because I agreed to go out on the campaign trail.  I’m supposed to go door to door, but I can’t.  I won’t.  I can promise you now that I’m going to renege on that agreement.  I don’t relish the humiliation of trying to explain away the indefensible.   The lack of refuse collection has left our beautiful suburb looking ugly and untidy.  How the hell can they do this to us?  How can they do this to themselves?  It’s the worst possible timing for such a failure.

So I had the idea to save our campaigning faces by begging the municipality to collect the refuse. I thought if I explained that there is an election coming up and that we would like to win our ward and they are really getting in the way of that hope, they might see my point, have sympathy, make a plan, and collect the damn rubbish.  It was a long shot, but hey! What’s the worst thing that can happen, right?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?  I was probably the wrong person to be doing the asking.  I bet my deposed friend would have achieved a result.

I called.  A very charming lady was very helpful.  She emailed me a ‘community announcement’.  The upshot was that Piki Tup are on a go slow or a sit in or something of that kind.  Nothing anyone can do.  It’s in the hands of the Unions and I’m sure the Unions are picking this time deliberately because it is the worst possible scenario for an ANC approaching a local election and they probably think they will get anything they want.  And with Service Delivery being the words  du jour for municipal failure, the Union must be feeling powerful.

I’d be inclined to give them anything they want.  Please give them what they want.  This is embarrassing.  Everyone is talking about Zille and the wonderful job she is doing in Cape Town; and I understand that Tswane is dangerously close to being taken by the DA.   How can they let that happen? The DA must stay in The Cape Republic.

So, yeah, in all honesty I’m not really that chuffed with team ANC at the moment.  How anc2do you push out a woman who is dynamic, enthusiastic, capable, passionate, determined, good looking and personable, who can win votes and who wants to get stuff done and replace her with the silent wonder with no visible sign of a personality who isn’t interested enough to stay for a whole frigging meeting?

This is why I don’t get involved.  I’m not cut out for it. I’m too emotional.  I don’t know if I can bear to even be involved in this campaign. Actually, since the men seem to have their own plans, they probably don’t want me involved.  It’s not as though I’m a regular meeting attendee, after all.  But then, no one is. I’m very probably surplus to requirements.  If I do get involved; if they want me, I’ll stay out of the politics.  I’ll be part of the PR committee.  That’s the sort of thing I’m good at.  We’ll host events and invite guest speakers with the answers to the difficult questions to address the community. We’ll serve cocktails and delicate snacks. Parkhust will like that.

If they are ever going to win this ward away from the DA they have much redeeming to do; but they can do it.  We can help them do redemption.  We are clever, energetic people with the best possible credential.  We’re born in the ANC.


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2 Responses to Politics? Me? Never!

  1. Mmabatho says:

    I share your sentiments. Hey, haven’t you noticed? Deposing highly intelligent, smart, diligent and motivated and replacing them with a bored someone who isn’t even hard working is in the ANC nature! Why do you think we have so many corrupt leaders? What they did to your friend is sick! Very sick! The woman, as you describe her could be standing up for your Ward and making sure there is progress in no time! That’s what powerful women are good at, right?

    As for the DA taking up Tshwane. Lord have mercy! What? Hey come to think of it, Tshwane could be experiencing what Cape is experiencing. See?

  2. Matholoana Letsika says:

    I love ur ending, We r born ANC, I trust we have it in us to change the ANC we have to the ANC wwe dream of having, Ive been contemplating about getting my membership card, u’ve just put a sting in me, to be productive and involved, get those grump, boring, inifective people to the back whe they belong and take over to bring lively solutions to our communities, and work at a better 2morrow. Our ANC will make us proud again, we just gotta get in there and fight for it, like ur dear friend is doing.

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