Murder by Food

A restaurant owner has been charged with attempted murder because a number of people, a quite large number of people, got food poisoning from her restaurant.  It’s unlikely, isn’t it, that she set out to murder people.  Probably she just doesn’t keep a very organised, clean or tidy kitchen.

On the other hand, I must say as one who frequents restaurants it isn’t a bad idea for restaurant owners to have a precident set that will hopefully make them a lot more vigilant about how they keep their kitchens, and about how their staff treat the food of their customers.

I’ve heard that if you complain the staff will spit in your food.  Eeek!  That is such an impossible idea to me that I refuse to accept it, but if people are saying it’s true, so it must be true.  People with such petty vengeful childishness in them have no business coming anywhere near the restaurant business.  Where do they get the opportunity to behave so disgustingly?  Is it in full view of all other staff?  Are they all in cahoots?   Does the chef concur with this behaviour?  At what point between the collecting of food from the food station and the delivering of same at the table does the waiter have a chance to contaminate the food?

The person who owns this restaurant that poisoned so many will probably not even go out of business if I know our beloved country.  I’ve had food poisoning from a restaurant.  It cost me Dr’s bills and time from work.  It cost me, not the restaurant owner.  In fact, the restaurant owner, when I called to let him know that he had poisoned me, flatly denied it and said that I must have eaten somewhere else or something else and been poisoned there.  No, I hadn’t. But there was no recourse for me.  There should be recourse when one gets food poisoning from a restaurant, so I for one am not displeased to hear that this woman is being charged.  Attempted murder seems a little wide of the mark, but  then, people can die from food poisoning, so perhaps it’s not .

A few years ago I attended a wedding where many of the guests suffered food poisoning.  It was out of town, and we were all in the same hotel.  I didn’t eat the seafood, so I was spared, but many did.  The lobby of the hotel was turned into a hospital ward that night.  Shame, even the groom spent his wedding night throwing his guts into various vessels.

Who catered that event?  Perhaps they should have been charged with attempted murder too.

Can one be charged with murdering something already dead and quartered? Silly question, of course not.  It’s a shame because I think that restaurant owners should be taken to court sometimes for murdering our food.  I mean, I have had steaks that are so dry and tasteless it is a crime.  I’ve had vegetables which have been cooked to the extent that they must have been in the pot screaming for mercy.  By the time that vegetable arrived at the plate we were asking ourselves, ‘what did they do to it, it looks exhausted’.  Surely that’s a crime against food and eater.  It’s a double crime.


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