Secrecy Bill Doom!

Well, it has been a few days of minimal productivity on my part and I am feeling frustrated with myself.

I normally sit down with an idea and it flows from me because my muse has a particular sense of humour and though she piddles about for a while, it’s not a long while, and then she gets down to it and together we write stuff.  Now, though, she has gone silent on me.  I don’t know if she is perhaps offended by the consumption of wine and other nefarious beverages over the Thanksgiving Weekend coupled with a severe over-indulgence in the food consumption department.  I confess, I did subject her to excess, but she should be able to cope with that by now.  I mean, we are not strangers to excess, my muse and I.

It’s the information bill thing that has me all a dither.  I’m trying to find something amusing to write about it, but I can’t.  It’s simply not amusing.  It’s frightening.  I suppose I could go ‘all-a-frightened’ in my approach.  Not everything in life needs to be turned into a joke.

Who needs to read another doom proliferating, black-swathed dispatch on the threat to the freedom of the press and the ‘right to know – in the public interest’ of everyone else?  I’ve read enough of those to last a lifetime, and it’s only the beginning.  I know I shall read a good deal more.  Must I really also write one.  No, hell no!  I can’t.  It’s all too depressing.

I’m going ostrich on this one. What is our beautiful country becoming?  Where is our freedom going?  To borrow from popular nonsense – If we are not free, we must be dom?

‘Black Tuesday’!  Is that something that is to follow us into the next millennium?  What if it’s a particularly hot Tuesday?  Won’t wearing black be uncomfortable?  Is an item of black alright, or must the black be from head to toe, like a shroud, or a bhurka?

It’s all highly dramatic, isn’t it, the wearing of black.  Has anyone been seen carrying a sickle or a scythe yet?  That would be the one as carried by the grim reaper. I did see a picture of a person with an Edvard Munch Scream mask on.  Yes, indeed.  I understood that all too well. It’s us on the inside.

Has anyone written a play yet?  Isn’t this the type of thing that really good plays feed on, and really good muses chew up and spill out as literary manna for the delectation of all who are opposed to a dodgy decree.  Will a play like that be allowed?  It could get banned.  It would be just like the old days, terrified actors being dragooned off the stage by ‘secrecy police’!

Yes, it’s all over for us in SA now.  We’ve had our ‘S A Spring’. From here on in it’s a police state all the way.  There are going to be new loads for beaurocrats not to have time for.  Piles of files marked ‘classified’!  or ‘Top Secret’! Those will be the ones containing details of arms deals and presidential offshore bank accounts and payments made to dodgey dealers.

I wonder what shape the Secrecy Policing will take.  Don’t you?  Stalinist NKVD may be the model they have in mind.  There might be a Gulag especially for black-clad newpaper editors and errant journalists. The Press Gulag is a good enough name for it.  And they can publish all their stolen secrets in a Gulag Gazette which is never circulated on the outside.  It will be purely for the consumption of ‘the enemies of the people’ aka The Press.


About Tselane Tambo

I share myself in these desultory ramblings. It’s my thoughts and memories; some anecdotes and opinions. It’s an accidental autobiography. When you’ve meandered through these pages you’ll be within reach of a little piece of me. Thank you for dropping by.
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2 Responses to Secrecy Bill Doom!

  1. Wezizwe Sigcau says:

    Greetings Sis’ Tselane,

    I would like to kindly read my FB Status from last week Friday Re: Intrusion of my Father &/ Mpondo King’s privacy by a Sunday Times Journo & Photographer. He then proceeded to publish his article on 9 (half the page) of The Sunday Times day before yesterday. My Mother & Queen has since lost her speaking voice..Never mind the grief & fear this has brought onto our/your Father’s Mpondo Royal Family that both him & Mama Adelaide had so much respect for..Our Queen lamented before she lost her speaking voice by saying as usual when amaMpondo are in a fix: “Tata Tambo uphi na? If you or Mama were still with us; this would not be happening to your people..” May Their Good Souls RIP! Mat God Bless You Sisi For Reaching out to RSA’s Public & beyond via this entertaining & informative which allows us to “Analyze” our past, current & future socio-economic & political status quo as South African Citizens! All Our Best!

  2. kwakhehla says:

    You put it so well Tselane. A while ago one had the feeling that the thin edge of the wedge was sliding itself uncomfortably into place. In 1994, for one “wild rapturous” moment, we thought we were all free. But the curtain is falling on all of that. Politicians are once again in a state of denialism. But it’s not a police state we are heading for. Bheki Cele put paid to that when he promoted himself to General and began a programme of militarizing the police. It’s an army state that beckons.

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