What Kenny Said….

Once again I just don’t get it.  Am I missing something?  Obviously, I must be because all imagesand sundry are chattering away about Kenny Kunene’s letter to The President as if it’s the work of the Africa’s most philosophical bard.  I think that letter is a tirade of bluster and bombast.  It’s an adolescent gripe-rant.  It’s very in your face.  It’s very forthright.  It pulls no punches, but they’re baby punches.  It’s not sophisticated.  It’s not acerbic.   I had the impression that it was a rant designed  to make the Presidential hackles rise.   But will The Presidnt read it?

‘You did this.  You did that.  I don’t like you anymore’, is the general tone.

When I read it I was amused, but not impressed.  I wondered what was the point of it?  I wondered what prompted it.  It is not prompted by our President’s track record, is it?  There is nothing new there.  Since the Gupta Waterkloof saga what new has happened?  Anger has been expressed ad nauseum about the Waterkloof debacle.   We’ve heard everything there is to hear on that subject.

We, the people, are angry about a lot of things that Kenny didn’t mention.  There’s Marikana at the top of my list, then there’s the failures in the health system and the education system and the welfare system (such as it is), and, well just about all the systems.  But we know about these things.  The President knows that we know.  What did Kenny add that makes people talk of him as ‘courageous’ and ‘the necessary voice’ and “interesting” and other agrandizing titles that I’ve seen conferred through the social networks?

“These things need to be said”, someone wrote on twitter.  They’ve been said.  Do they need to be said again and again and …..etcetera?  Do they need to be said like this?  They’ve all been said and reiterated often and unless someone is going to say something new, or say something that incorporates somewhere in it’s framework a solution, or the gist of a solution, or the quest for a solution, what’s the point?

After Shaik and Malema, the Gupta’s must know that you can drop them faster than they can drop your name.”   Kenny wrote.

I pick that particular sentence because I enjoyed it.  It’s entertaining.  But I can’t take it 3bcc66b141b44a3896dd19d1598d54b2seriously.  Again I ask,  “What is this about?  It seems to me to be rather petulant and stinging in the way that a playground spat is stinging.    One might imagine an answer like: “Yeah, well at least I’ve got a Gupta.  You’ll never ever have one, so there. Ner ner ner!”

Someone said, on the social network, that they look forward to the rebuttal.  What rebuttal?  From the Presidency?  That would, surely, be impossible.  This should be a tad beneath their intellect and notice, I think.  If I were in the presidency I wouldn’t dignify it with a rebuttal.  Kenny is having a moment.  Who cares?  But I’m not in the Presidency.  They reacted strongly to a painting so perhaps…….  Who knows?

I suspect much of the ‘well said’ messages that I read on twitter were about well done for having the temerity, rather than well done for your rant, although some people did call it eloquent.  If they choose to think so, it’s their prerogative.  And I must say I have the impression that Kenny feels he has placed himself firmly in the firing line, which is why he felt it necessary to begin his tirade by telling Mr Zuma that he doesn’t want or need  tenders “so you can’t touch me”. 

I don’t know Kenny. I’ve never met him.  We don’t keep the same company so I’ll imagesprobably never meet him.  The only thing I know about him is that he owns a nightclub called Zar, where he had a party which enraged feminists and all similarly prescient citizens because at the party were half naked women lying on tables, their bodies being used as sushi platters.  That’s all I know.

Maybe he’s a gent.  I don’t know any, but I understand that many ex-cons are pukka gentlemen.   In his rant he proudly calls himself a socialite.  That seems rather effete, but imagesOK.   Why the Presidency would get bent out of shape because of the invective of a self proclaimed socialite I don’t understand.  One would have thought Kenny would have given himself more gravitas, but hey. Socialite it is!

I must thank Mr Kunene.  I woke up this morning to a really good laugh, and  lovely social network exchanges and gossip about ‘did you see it’  with a couple of friends who have the patience for such,  and all this before 8.30am.  It has been a lot of fun.  Without Mr kunene’s lengthy castigation of our President the morning would have been less entertaining.


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2 Responses to What Kenny Said….

  1. kwakhehla says:

    Hahahaa! I agree, but when I read his letter, purportedly his letter, in The Star I must admit I was amazed at what I saw was eloquence from somebody I had not believed would be able to write like that. Which was why I posted the link to the letter. A facebook friend also pointed out that he had been an English teacher. So for me it was all rather surprising. As to the content, well, apart from some neat turns of phrase – like the Gupta name dropping one you referred to – it was pretty banal, regurgitated stuff.. After all it was Mr Kunene who gave a whole new spin to the phrase “bottom feeding”.

  2. I don’t know what “bottom feeding” is. What is it? What is the spin? Kenny was an English teacher? What happened?

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