The pages of this blog are desultory ramblings.  The title – Nocturnal Ramblings of a Mind Unplugged – is a ramble in itself.  It came to me in the wee small ungodly hours, and I like it.  I think of these posts as my -Autobiography of Desultory Ramblings – an alternative title.   People have asked me what I blog about.  Anything that’s on my mind I blog about, a thought, an observation, or an opinion. Usually the ramblings come out on insomniac nights, which are many, but sometimes during the day, sometimes in the mornings.  There are no rules, only thoughts free flowing, unedited and mine.


4 Responses to About

  1. Really like your site, esp the long, rambling posts. Keep writing!

  2. masandapeter says:

    Miss Tambo, i need to makwe contact with you as soon as possible. May I please have your email address?

  3. biobot says:

    What’s your twitter handle?

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