Maya Smaya!

Today is the December 21, 2012.

MayanIt’s after midday.  In fact, it’s almost lunch time.  The world is still here and we are still in it.  So, the Mayan calendar world end thing was what? A millennium stunt as per the year 2000?  Remember how all the computers in the world had to be compliant?  Compliant to what? IT companies made a fortune and people paid for nothing but their own fear.  My computer wasn’t compliantised and it continued just fine.  Is this Mayan world end thing a publicity stunt on the part of – Who?  Churches?  Did the sinners come running in begging for Jesus to come into their hearts and ensure them a place in heaven?  Is the world still here because the Christians prayed? Or was it the Muslims?  Or is it, as some scientists have said, just a misreading of the Mayan calendar by people who know a little less than they think they know.

It doesn’t matter, actually, does it?  I mean, Friday the 21st isn’t over yet and so the prediction may still come true.  I’m carrying on as though it’s a bunch of hooey because that’s what I think it is.  If it is the end then it will find me occupied and I hope that St Peter is in a good mood because I will be much pissed off and in need some cheering up as I pass through those pearly gates.  That’s right.  I don’t know where the rest of you are going, but I know that I’m going through those pearly, pearly gates.

From the teeny weeny itsy bitsy bit of research I’ve done The Mayan people; The Maya; never did predict the end of the world.

“The Mayan calendar is confusing to many, she said. It counts long cycles of 144,000 days, with each cycle called a b’ak’tun, or baktun, and the Maya count back epochs over many cycles and then forward for thousands of years”.

So it’s not the world that has come to an end but the 13th Baktun has come to an end and the 14th Baktun begins on the 22nd December. Tomorrow.  A Baktun is made of 20 Katun.  A Katun is 7 200 days and 20 of those is, 144 000 days, or 394.26 years.  We are at the end of the 394.26th year and counting begins again tomorrow.  But the thing is that the Mayan civilization died in the 13th Century, so……….  What do they have to predict about us in the 21st century and our demise?  Their calendar is 8 centuries too long, at least.

Ok, that’s how I don’t really understand it, but it’s as much as I care to understand it and that’s ok.  Besides, I like the romantic idea that with the new Katun or Baktun or whatever comes a new cosmic energy and since it’s not going to kill us all, I’m hoping that it’s going to bless us all and the world will be at peace.  I mean it literally.  World Peace!  In other words it’s not the end.  It’s the beginning.  Cockeyed optimist?  Yes, I’ve been called that before. Besides,  I’ve never heard of a Baktun.  I’ve always dealt in Christ anointed millennia.

The only problem I see is that The Maya were predicting for The Maya.  How can they predict for us?  We hardly know where they are or who they are, or what they are?  We have absolutely nothing to do with them.  We’re Africans and our cultures don’t predict the end of anything be it Katun, Baktun or Skothane.

21st December 2012 is the Winter Solstice.  That has something to do with the rotation of the sun and it’s position being the lowest point in the sky at a certain time of the day.  I don’t know.  You can google it.  It has to do with centrifugal gyroscopic something something gyration of the earth and it’s axis and the sun.

Anyway, the point that I’m making is that it seems to me that this means that something new really is upon us; a new energy.  It’s something cosmic. It’s a shift and that’s what the end of the Baktun brings.  It brings a shift in energies, new resonations, and new oscillations.

I know.   To some people out there reading this I’m not actually saying anything sensible.  But, then, it makes sense to me so perhaps someone else, or many other someones understand what it is that I’m failing to articulate.  The world isn’t going to end.

Who are these Mayans, anyway, and what do they have to do with us?  When they were mayanpredicting this ‘end of world’ so many years after the end of their world did they have South Africa in mind?  No. Did they even know that South Africa existed? I’ll bet they didn’t in which case they didn’t factor us into their end of the world calculations.  Therefore our world isn’t going to end down here in South Africa because the end of the Mayan world has nothing to do with us.

The Mayan civilization ended in the 13th Century.  That’s a long time ago. Did they predict that? I’m guessing they didn’t. So…….. What is there for these people who don’t exist and didn’t even get it right about their own expiration date to predict?

Here’s an interesting bit of news.  This is what ended them.

The most widely accepted of theories on the collapse of the Mayan Civilization is a peasant revolt. The hierarchy of the Maya was completely dependent on slave labor. The people of most power were nobles and priests. These higher classes were often rich in power and wealth, but few in number. Miller suggests that at one point the oppressed Mayan workers all gave up their way of life and retreated into the Puter Jungle. Thompson agrees, writing that “In city after city the ruling group was driven out or, more probably, massacred by the dependent peasant, and power then passed to the peasant leaders and small-town witch town” In conclusion, the priests and nobles were left to fend for themselves. Previously dependent on the slaves and peasants, the civilization dissolved because the nobles and priests did not know how to work the land.

Now don’t we all reject that as the possibility of our fate in the future?  Even though we do see some similarity in our present.  The strikes, and discontent and obscene extremes of poverty against the theft of money meant for the care of the poor and disturbing displays of opulence which give the finger to the poverty stricken ones.  I see similarities, yes.  However…………

I’m a Xhosa and a Xhosa Ancestor isn’t going to let a Mayan ancestor decide when the Xhosa world ends.  My people are proud and intelligent and powerful and our quietus is not destined for today.  We shall continue far into the long, distant Christ ordained, Ancestor sanctified millennia.  cows


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One Response to Maya Smaya!

  1. kwakhehla says:

    Much to learn from history, even if from that of a very different people. Who nonetheless share social dynamic patterns with most other, if not all, cultures. Such as when a labouring mass population gets gatvol and shrugs off a small ruling class. The most effective way is simply withdrawal of services – “do it your bloody self. If you can…”

    The 21st is our Summer Equinox (longest day) while north of the Equator it is, as you say, the Winter Equinox (longest night). Nice to see you writing again!

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